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the Golden Feather leather bracelet Bonjour new Mon AMI! Is your style… Simple & Chic – all you need is this featherette to add a little detail to your on-the-go outfit Decorated & Girly – this beauty is the first one to add on your #armcandy for the day Either way, you are ready for your #ootd if you have this girl on your side! – Get to know her – Sculpted feather charm with textured detailing on a dark brown leather cord with an extended loop for adjustable fit. 12k brushed gold plated nickel-free 6.5″-7.5″ approx. length – $38 –


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There are 2 types of givers


Those that love buying gifts because they want to fulfill the other person’s desires:

Husband 1: “My wife has been coveting the Céline Mini Luggage in black for some time now and I wanted to buy it for her for her birthday, could you pleaseeee help me…”

Those that love buying gifts that they want to buy for the other person:

Husband 2: “My wife doesn’t need another black bag, what she really needs is a Kitchen Aid mixer so she can make me some more of her famous cheesecake…”

Both people are thoughtful, right?  I mean… both husbands are at least thoughtful enough to buy a gift for their wife.

The point i’m making is not that they are thoughtful enough, but that one is willing to listen to the giftee (wife) and wants to fulfill her desires.

Like many circumstances that we come across in relationships, the motivator behind gift giving and hospitality ( not just in the customer service sense, but even the way you may treat your employees as a CEO or Manager) is the same.  We need to LISTEN and take heart to what the other person is saying and not just stop there, but understand what their wants are.

Ask yourself “How can I make this person happy… how can I make their day just a little better?”

After all, we don’t live in this world by ourselves.  We were created to create relationships and have interactions with one another.  *I know that hermits do exist and if you are one yourself, please don’t take offense to my opinions… it’s just that…I feel very passionately about this subject.

Gift giving is not just the act of giving material goods, but it’s an act that shows selflessness and an integral part of building a relationship.



Lyst, A Fashion E-Commerce Aggregator, Raises $14M More, Plans Beacon Rollout With PayPal



Lyst, a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place with a “universal shopping cart”, is today announcing a $14 million round of funding — money that it will use to ramp up its marketing and to hire more data scientists and other engineers to keep building out its algorithms to compete against the likes of eBay, the Fancy and other one-top-shop online marketplaces.

It is also forging ahead with an interesting progression on its e-commerce model by taking the experience out to brick-and-mortar stores as well, starting with a partnership with PayPal around Beacon, its Bluetooth LE in-store initiative that will give users location-specific alerts when they are in the vicinity of a particular section of a store where there is an item they may want to buy.

“We have some exciting things coming up here,” founder and CEO Chris Morton tells me. “At…

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